No ... but I imagine that some commercial systems may claim (and indeed be able) to import data readily from other well-known systems. Or, at least, earlier versions of the same system.

It would be possible, just as long as the developer of the receiving system had full information about the (datafile structures of the) donor system. Or at least had some example datafiles available for "studying". whistle

And ... if a guy had such information about all possible systems, then he could most likely work up a general interfacing routine ... using an intermediate datafile, maybe.

Yes, doing a migration on site (with all tools to hand) should be easy enough. A one-off, as it were. But my own "problem" is that many users of TM are put off using the thing because they can't get their existing data ported across easily. That is, data that I have no knowledge of. So I've been trying to improve that aspect of the program; to help them to "funnel their data in", as it were. As long as the "legacy" data can be saved to a .csv file (deliberately chosen for its popularity as a "save as" format), then that's the first step squared away, as far as I'm concerned.

The next step is not so easy:- having the program try to make sense of the data being presented! I'm trying filters, templates ... and stuff like that; but can't see a way without at least some decisions being asked of the (hopefully intelligent) user. Basically, I just try and provide the tools sufficient to carry out the task.

Yeah, you can get the system to recognise (the) delimiters, but it takes a person (generally a biomed) to be able to work out which field name each column of data needs to end up at! Sometimes they may match up straight away (or some of them, at least) ... but as you know there seems to be (for example) a fair number of ways to "spell" the word Equipment. And then ... does that actually mean equipment type (or class as I prefer to call it) ... or what? think

In short (and having probably seen more than my fair share of equipment data sets) - the possibilities (and SNAFU opportunities) are endless!

But thanks for the link to CSVed. I hadn't come across it before, but it's nice to be able to view good old .csv files (and carry out various manipulations) like that, almost as if they were databases. I have always liked .csv ... and sometimes (often) "simple" is best.

Having had a quick "play" I have noticed some very nice features. Like being able to export to quite a few other formats (including many variants of .dbf, for example). So here's a big cheer for Sam Francke (the developer). smile

About MySQL ... yes, if I ever update my machines, and get hold of some modern software etc. then I probably should concentrate on that. But, to be honest, I can't see that happening any time soon. I'm really looking to get the next revision of TM done and dusted, then giving it all a rest for a while (a summer, or so). frown