I despair, a cmos support battery that you can buy for a pound everywhere else. Common sense tells you it is nothing special, the OEM supply them without even a date code, let alone any form of lot code . Some things are so obvious, but still there are those who bind themselves slavishly to the "rules", or should I say their interpretation of the rules.
I will continue to be a rebel, because free thought and a desire to see through the facade that some regulations appear to give.

Embracing the change in BioMed engineering and becoming an extension of the OEM into the NHS is not for me. I will be there to challenge the line" the manufacturer knows best" and " you are the only one seeing this problem" if we do not question their monopoly on these devices then we leave ourselves at their mercy. Unlike MikeX I do not have the luxury of deciding what is purchased, I just have to keep on fixing it, keep on applying the field safety notices, react to the device alerts and try and make the budget work at the end of the year, and keep the patient safe in the process.