The principal of registration is fine but there are still too many unanswerd questions as to how this would work in practice. Especially how this would affect recruitment is smaller EMBE departments which are not part of a larger Medical Physice establishment. Even voluntary registration is not that easy. One of my tchnicians tried to register but did not have an IPEM/Physicist sponsor ( There is no Medical Physics Departhemt here in York.) His application was refused. Since then none of us have bothered. Two of us are already registered with the Engineering Council through our IEE / Chartered Engineer status (100+ per year). Several others are IEIE or Incorporated. We see ourselves primarily as engineers who work on medical devices with skills which are transferable to other (non medical) potential employers. If all the emphasis for qualifications and registration is focused on the medical part of our work we may be limiting carrer options rather than enhancing them. As for the voluntary register - I can understand a one-off fee but what do registrants get for an anual fee other than their name on a list?