Ken, how soon do you think soon is?
We have a long way to go before this is implemented or agreed, or a requirement at all. Speak to Jim Methven in Newcastle, he is leading this on our behalf via IPEM.

John, we have been there, seen it and done it. Put out to tender, big boys bidding against us. We survived, then told of merger with another Trust, of Estates Departments, including EBME, with incumbent loss of 29 posts immediately in combined new Estates.

Survived this, then a year and half ago GE did the same to us, only on the EBME equipment not Radiology. This went on with them on-site for twelve months. They have not since had a return to us as we did not renew /renegotiate with them a second time.

Watch this space for the next round of ridiculous alternatives to this scenario.

Jim Gavin