There does seem to be bright side to all this. A number of companies expressed an interest in taking over the EBME / Medical Physics at Hope Hospital. Two years on and all but Draeger have pulled out (or been eliminated). One reason for even the "short listed" companies losing interest was the fact that as part of the deal, the service provider takes on the risk associated with the equipment.
Now I think that the reason the MDA doesn't get that many reports of deaths and injury involving medical equipment is because it is relatively easy to put the blame on the patient's medical condition, rather than admit that something went wrong. I'm not saying this is common, but I'm sure it happens. (Not here - or at Hope, of course)
If some outside company, rather than the Trust was going to pick up the blame (and the bill) for equipment "failure", then I suspect there may be a few more incident reports and people like Draeger might find themselves in court rather too often for comfort.
We do have the advantage of being on the inside and benefitting from the "protection" of the Trust and our Medical colleagues !

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !