Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Does that miss anyone?

We, in the Servicing Workshop of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, have had an MR10 dumped with us. It isn't ours, in the sense that it doesn't belong to OUR hospital. It has a sticky label with the number "102233" on it, a red dot and a "Tested" label, with the initials "D M" on it. If you dig into your departmental database and tell me its Graseby Serial number, I'll send it to you. I'm certain that it's from a hospital in Scotland, but those of you requiring a passport to get there (if the SNP get their way!) should check anyway, just in case!
I tried contacting Graseby...sorry..SMITHS MEDICAL, but they haven't adequately responded.


Remember I was asking (asking? Pleading, more like!) for an M400 Mellotron? Well.....