Here's a sobering thought:- one of those big American financial institutions that recently (and spectacularly) "failed" had been founded when "cowboys roamed the plains"! Meanwhile, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac might sound like a couple of characters from the Beano, but the whole sub-prime mortgage lending thing (yes, BS I know) has hardly been a joke, has it?

Frankly, I'm getting a bit worried that all my prophesies seem to be coming true! Surely, for the last decade or so, it has been obvious to any rational mind that the totally unregulated "financial sector" and the blatantly irresponsible extension of credit to all and sundry was bound to end in disaster ... not only for the idiots concerned, but for everyone else as well (as we all have to "pay the price")! And don't even mention the effects of "globalization" (...something else, like the EU, that many of us never signed up to ... and yet still have to "carry the can" - interesting phrase? Look it up).

Similarly (in my view), we shall all end up paying the price (and we probably already are) for the grossly inept over-prescribing of antibiotics for seemingly every trivial and often non-bacteria ailment. Now I hear that the latest "super-bug", known by the catchy initials of PVL, may have come about originally from the over-use of antibiotics in animals.

Whether or not that happens to be the case, from what I hear Panton-Valentine Leukocidin is particularly grim. Apparently, it is far more of a threat to us all than the so-called "bird flu" could possibly ever be (because it's already present in - and now carried by - man, whilst avian flu would still have to jump across the species), and yet we hardly ever hear about it. How come? Are we prepared, or not?

I'm told that if PVL "took hold" (?), the hospital system would rapidly become swamped. Oh, that's good news, then!

I had been forecasting the collapse of any "economy" built on nothing but hot air and "trust" (wishful thinking), and yes, unfettered greed, and have also always taken the view that sooner or later (and given mankind's present ways of going about things) "the bugs must win". As we know there is a constant battle for survival being fought at the microbial level, at the lowest forms of life. Is there any hope for us all ... or is it a case of (as I have mentioned more than a few times before) "long live low-life"?

Financial disasters, terrorist outrages, chronic unhappiness amongst the young, weird weather patterns, latter day plagues ... is it just me, or is something going on here? Random events or "accidents waiting to happen"? Perhaps we were all happier (as in "ignorance is bliss") when we didn't have all this information available to us ... perhaps. But, can we take comfort that the "experts" are looking out for us? You know, just as they did with our money? smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.