Indeed, Jon. As I may have already told you, when I was overseas I used to avoid the whinging Brits whenever I could!

The trouble is that now I'm stuck back in the UK, there's no escaping them! In fact it's worse, as at least the Brit expats out there had a bit of "go" about them. Around here, most of (what you might call) the indigenous people (when, indeed, you actually come across them) are benefit dependent low-life. In fact, thank Heavens I live in an "ethnically diverse" area (or whatever this week's PC BS term is) ... it makes me feel like I'm still lodging in the back streets of Riyadh!

I came across this word on a forum recently:- sheeple. A lady from Scotland was wondering why the Brits are so, er, tolerant (lazy, complacent ... pick a word). I think we know what she means, do we not? Yes, the Brits are great moaners ... but unlike that other great nation of complainers (that is, the French), we never do anything about our grievances, whether real or imagined. frown

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.