How many ebme band 6 technicians are out there perhaps doing specialist work but not necessarily in management roles?
I have been in the job for 10 years now but have been stuck at the top of band 5 since the AFC came in, even though I have been doing specialist work for much of that time.
The work I do includes - servicing and maintaining all anaesthetic machines and ventilators in our theatres, ITU life support, NNU incubators and anything else thatís considered high risk.
We have four technicians (three band 5) (one band 4), and we have a band 6 supervisor and a manager.
It seems that our hospital wonít allow for band 6 techs; unless its supervisor or manager roles, but I see jobs advertised for band 6 specialised technicians in other areas.
Our management are keen for us to take on more specialist work including Path Lab and radiology and whilst the nature of this job is all about continual self development and improvement of skills there is no incentive if our efforts are not recognised and we are not allowed to progress passed a band 5.