Can anyone offer any words of wisdom on this topic?

I am way out of date with all of my "jabs" and have taken first steps towards sorting that out (if need be).

But I seem to be getting conflicting advice. Yes, the NHS website is very good. But on the other hand, one GP Practice Nurse that I spoke to implied that I could end up effectively wasting my money as she reckons that many (all?) vaccines don't "take" as they ought to once a person approaches (or indeed, reaches) "advanced years".

Granted that some vaccinations are obligatory when planning to visit certain parts of world (Yellow Fever in parts of Africa, for instance), I'm wondering if anyone has to hand a minimal, but sensible, list that folk like ourselves (that is, likely to be mooching about the grubbier areas of hospitals from time to time) need to keep up to date with?

And (if you like) we can keep things simple by restricting ourselves to what is needed to keep a tech protected whilst working in healthcare settings in the UK.

Or, briefly put:- what jabs do the Lab Techs reckon to have? smile

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