Well, I'm fairly excited about this! An opportunity to let my passion for keeping things organised (bordering on OCD some might say).

I've been throwing together something to help manage our Trusts service manuals with minimum of fuss, hopefully iron out a few creases here and there but essentially I'm just putting the icing on the cake now.

* Automatic scanning of folders - just point it to a base folder
* Searching/downloading via the application of images for the equipment
* Searching/downloading via the internet for service / operators manuals (Preview, then categorise whilst downloading)
* Automatic checking for special subfolders i.e configurations, archive, software etc
* Add, Edit, Delete, Rename of folder structures
* Automatic categorisation of document by its name
* Double click to launch the document
* Automatic categorisation and renaming when adding files
* Lots of right-click menus appropriate to the area of the screen being viewed, etc.

and more.. check some of the early screens

By the way I'm not a programmer so keep the critique to a minimum smile

Photos now online -------> YES I WILL SHARE IT ONCE READY

Please do share your thoughts or questions!

Admin / Huw - I did contemplate putting this in the manuals section but technically I consider this more of a database/organising software tool.

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