I was genuinely interested in (as in, "ready to buy") a new UPS for one of my computer rigs.

Not one of the (half-dozen or so) Eager Beavers in Currys PC World knew what I was talking about.

OK, they were all "young", maybe on Minimum Wage (more than me, then) or - for all I know - "zero hour contracts" ...

[Linked Image]

... when I was their age (and even now), I would take pride in "knowing my brief"; and if I didn't know something, I would darn well find out!

And therefore be able to "Meet And Greet" (and who knows, even impress) old sods like myself with new-found knowledge when (or if) I next appeared! smile

@Huw: I doubt that Mrs. Evans would have been too impressed with that last sentence! tut

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.