Anyone else get this "threat"? Doesn't sound like its working out for the VRCT if some can simply ignore this nonsense. We all keep ourselves well up to date here in relevant aspects of our job and don't feel we have to prove that to anyone else. I'm starting to question why I'm paying for this and having to suffer emails like the following..

Registrar's Update
No. 17, March 2018

The policy of the RCT Management Panel (RCTMP) is to keep Registrants informed of activities and progress which have an impact on the Register. A brief report follows.

Upcoming CPD Audit
We are once again approaching the time of year when we carry out the CPD audit. The office will soon be sending out the emails to everyone selected for audit, so I thought it may be worth sharing some information in advance. We have seen several registrants removed from the register recently for failing the audit, with some failing to even submit any evidence of CPD. I would therefore urge everyone to fully engage with the process to ensure this does not happen to you.
The RCT has some very useful information on our website here. I would recommend everyone to spend some time reading the information which has been put together to help you all pass the audit if selected. We even have some anonymised submissions from previous CPD audits to help guide you, although I would hope you have already been recording your CPD as it has been happening throughout the year.
Can you also ensure the office has your correct contact details, if anything has changed recently with your email address then you will need to contact us? We don’t want anyone to fail to respond to a request to submit evidence of CPD due to not having kept their details up to date.

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