Good Day Everyone,

Having recently changed roles within the NHS Trust I work for, I have been tasked with the job of looking into an alternative system to the current one for managing the routine QA of numerous medical devices across numerous locations around the City.

I have had experience of using E-mat in a previous role, Service Desk Plus (Fudged it to work without the Asset module) and QPulse.

They all lacked in one way or another.

E-mat is a bit of a dog in general.
Service Desk is really an IT Help desk ticketing system
QPulse is more of a Quality Management system

I envisage a system along the lines of what a Field Maintenance company might use.

Do any of you use or have experience of such a system for managing many assets across different customer locations, with asset QA scheduling, KPIs, "customer" query recording / handling?

I would appreciate any recommendations / experiences from other members.

Many thanks,