I think we all need to be thinking about how devices connect to the electronic patient record 'EPR'. Debbie Pope (Speaking at the EBME conference in September) sent me an interesting news item about how Addenbrookes is doing what many other Trusts only dream about.
Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) haso developed a single vendor-neutral platform for medical device connectivity and data management to inform clinical decision-making, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. CUH chose a medical device integration platform to capture and standardize its device data. This included integrating cardiac monitors, ventilators, anesthetic devices, and C02 monitors into CUH’s EPR. They have managed to save £2.6million and decreased theatre turnaround times by three minutes per case. CUH is currently evaluating analytics within the medical device integration system that can help ensure connectivity uptime, improve battery management, and optimise device utilisation.


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