Are you all aware of the Philips Healthcare 90 day warranty in their terms and conditions? Also that the parts fitted during a service or repair to say an Ultrasound Scanner (and other devices)are second or third-hand, fourth hand, etc., used parts.

MHRA Safety Notice: SN2002(17, clearly states the need for service history, but these parts are being fitted by Philips Healthcare and no such details are being provided to the EBME Departments.

These parts do not come cheaply. Further Philips Healthcare is not making certain service parts available as 'brand-new'. For example one cannot purchase a new power-supply for a SPARQ Ultrasound Scanner, not just this machine in isolation.

Clearly we are not being told of this. In a nut-shell, second hand expensive parts, no service history, can't buy new parts and not being informed of this by sales or service personnel of Philips Healthcare. This should be drawn to our attention in an active manner 'transparent'.

I am not aware of any other NHS Supplier carrying out such practices.

This needs to be assessed, I have contacted NHSSC and we are in dialogue over this matter.

Feedback privately, is also of interest to me.


Jim Gavin EBME Manager
The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Jim Gavin