I recognise that we have a lot of people that have appropriate qualifications,  trying to get jobs in my field but are not successful as they are stuck in the trap of having little practical experience.

My department is aiming to create a flexible, sustainable trained workforce for the Medical Engineering and Maintenance function to deal with recruitment delays, staff vacancies, maternity and flexible additional capacity. So perhaps we can help each other?

If your hardworking, eager and willing to get stuck in to anything that helps the department then I'd like to introduce a small scheme designed for newly qualified graduates or those with strong technical / IT qualifications aspiring to enter into and gain experience in the field of Medical Engineering and Medical Device Management.

The scheme will blend temporary employment with work experience and structured training from accredited providers. Rather than a short term work experience placement, we would like to reward you on productivity and contribution rather observation.

Prospective applicants should observe the following
* You would need to apply to the NHSP (MFT) bank system and would would paid as a Band 2 whilst participating in this initiative.

* Work duration will be flexible and arranged on a weekly basis around service needs and your availability.
* Paid Leave is automatically accrued as part of the NHSP system
* Your work attendance, performance, productivity and practical experience will be assessed regularly and will inform any discussions around pay progression and training.

I'm happy to answer questions if you want to make contact with me Joe.Emmerson@mft.nhs.uk

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