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Service Manuals & Schematics
Hi chaps,
can someone send me a copy of the aespire view service manual?

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Professional Issues

Pity they don't have something similar to identify entitled patients! whistle
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Professional Issues
Nothing wrong with RCT (or IPEM) but their entry requirements are far too high for most engineers working on medical equipment and often assume you actually work in a medical physics of EBME department

Unfortunately, many hospitals now mandate some form of credentialing to allow access to hospitals. The department for health requested a common scheme be developed for this function, which how the LSI one came about. Many of the schemes adopted by hospitals are not appropriate for those working on medical equipment, as they are designed for works departments dealing with electrical contractors and other infrastructure related trades.

The LSI scheme costs £30 per year for individuals.

Above the RCT scheme the LSI has a photo ID card to positively identify individuals that include a GS1 bar code, which the NHS is mandating for individuals as well as products.
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Professional Issues

What's wrong with IPEM? At least they produce some useful documents.

And no - I'm not a member.

Why do we (you) need yet another "register"? think

In fact, why do we (you) need any "register"?

Meanwhile, how much does membership of this "not-for profit" organisation cost (annual fees, and what-have-you)?
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Professional Issues
Is it time IPEM gave up on the RCT and simply insist all those working in healthcare signed up to a PSA recognised credentialing register? The UK med tech industry has set up a not-for-profit organisation to allow any company or individual to register, providing they meet the minimum requirements. These are far less onerous than those for the RCT and do not require specific degree level qualifications to join. Take a look at https://lifescienceindustry.co.uk
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Service Manuals & Schematics

I need the service manual for Intellisave AX700 anesthesia machine. Someone can help me?

Best regards
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Spare Parts
Hi All

Is anyone out there using Philips Heartstart XL defibs in their trusts? We are having a problem getting replacement batteries PN M3516A, Cardiac Services is the supplier to us, but even calling Philips Medical directly doesn't help, they wont tell you anything. We have orders going back nearly six months now that haven't been fulfilled.

Does anyone else have this issue or know why Philips are having such a big problem supplying batteries for this model of defib?


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Spare Parts
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Service Manuals & Schematics
Hi all, i'm needing savina 300 service manual. Can u please send me via email: ngocbien.bme@gmail.com?

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Service Manuals & Schematics

I need the service manual for infusion pump TOP 3300 and TOP 5300. Someone can help me?

Best regards
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Spare Parts
I see a certain bladder scanner supplier has just suddenly raised their prices over 60%.

As if they weren't overpriced to start with
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Out of Hours

There's nothing for the likes of us in the UK, Neil; personally I believe it has been that way for decades. Even after fifteen years of being back, I continue to feel that I don't belong.

Many of my (our) Old Mates have retired now; including blokes I have known who worked in the NHS (as well as many who used to frequent this forum). Mates have relocated to Cyprus, Laos ... and yes, Thailand. Sadly, more than a few have moved on to that "Big Workshop in the Sky". frown

I'm hoping to escape myself before too long (just as soon as I complete my current project - which, I must admit, has become a bit "never ending").

I always promised myself one of those Kanoo "around the world tickets" (do they still do them?) ... but I have in mind something a bit more "permanent" now. smile
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Out of Hours

The "fun" went out of working in the Kingdom very soon after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Angus.

But I'm thinking about (remembering) travelling around "remote" areas, rather than living in "expat compounds".

Things got a bit "hair raising" on a number of occasions. frown

Some years ago, thinking (hoping) that things might have quietened down a bit later on, I had a couple of goes at trying to get back out there. But things did not proceed in my favour; I wrote those abortive efforts off to "Fate". A few times in my life I have found that sometimes you just can't force things to turn out as you might have hoped. And at least in the UK (so far) I haven't had gangs of youths throwing rocks at me ... etc., etc. (or even - shot at, as happened to me once whilst jogging home across the desert - the guy did it in "fun", or so I imagine; packs of feral dogs were also a problem where I was at that time, too). whistle

Were you in Khobar at the time of the 1996 bombing, Angus? That was a big bang! For a moment there I thought I was back in Northern Ireland. But are you still in Tripoli? Surely that must be a bit "fun", too?
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Out of Hours
No regrets at all Angus, How is Libya, I started my 'journey' in Libya in 1981 down in Sebha.

The journey ends in Jeddah and I will be living in Thailand rather than returning to the UK
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Out of Hours
Have no regrets about leaving Neil. The Kingdom is no longer fun to work in now that most of the Western Expats have hung up their boots.
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Service Manuals & Schematics
I need the Service Manual
for Draeger Perseus A500
Can help me?
mail: arturuvan@gmail.com
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Out of Hours
Flying West first, few things to do in the UK including 'meetings' then off to Thailand.

Time to close the book on Saudi Arabia, memoirs will anyone believe (fact or fiction)
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Modernisation (Formerly, Controls Assurance)

Radoslav hasn't been on here for a while (nearly three years). frown

Maybe Huw has his email address? think
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Out of Hours

All good things must come to an end, sadly. frown

When you get round to writing your *memoirs, Neil, I even have a title for you:- "The Last Man Standing".

And don't forget that "retirement" does not mean you shouldn't come on here with Words of Wisdom from time to time!

All the Best, Mate. Flying East? smile

* I tried to get Big Tony to get his stories written down - I even offered to edit them - but (as far as I am aware) they have still yet to see the light of day.
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Hello team,

Any interest in the temp post turning permanent?

For more information email me on mrehal@nhs.net


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Out of Hours
Ah, not long now, then. Best of luck in retirement Neil. Stop by and say hello, some time. smile
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Out of Hours
June 20, 2019 will be my last day here in Saudi Arabia. Clearance has been completed and now waiting for the remaining formalities to be completed (after Ramadan) then a One Way Flight.
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Modernisation (Formerly, Controls Assurance)
Dear RRadev

My wife has the same problem with one of her 4 Kodak 2100 X-ray machines.
If the problem is that common, more of them are likely going to fail later.

I would like to create a small printed circuit board for easy installation and share it here in this forum.

But I have a couple of specific questions I need to ask before I start.

1) Is the feed back voltage (yellow wire) negative? (Is the negative power supply needed?)
2) Does the schematic show all components? No ekstra 200 Ohm shunt resistor (mentioned in your text)?
3) What is the value of the inductor?
4) I do not have the specific TL082 op amp in my inventory. Are there any specific demands to the op amp that my standard LM358 cannot fulfill? (if so, I will have to order it)

I will design a very small PCB also containing the negative power supply so it will only need to be connected to Ground, +12V and of course signal in and signal out.

Thank you in advance

Bent Erik Thomsen
Electrical Engineer
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Society of Critical Care Technologists - Autumn Study Day

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Technical Assistance
Hi Ganizani, service manual sent via WeTransfer to gmail.
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