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Re: Baxter PRISMAFLEX Geoff Hannis 24/01/20 7:44 PM

Looks like it.

Interesting to note that "The manufacturer hasn’t received enough responses". Hopefully that's not the case by now. frown
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Re: Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo procedure UmeshKirant 24/01/20 7:35 AM
Well I have some certificates from Edwards which has a list of procedures they have performed during testing. I could share it to you. You can WhatsApp me on +9779801039303.
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Re: Solder - Lead vs Lead Free Geoff Hannis 22/01/20 5:56 PM

... or better yet, if you want reliable soldered joints (and who doesn't) carry on using 60/40. smile

I've done the Risk Assessment (many years ago), and can assure anyone interested that the risks due to poor quality joints (dry, whiskered, and what-have-you) far out-weigh any minuscule risks either to yourself or to the planet (whether real or imagined).

Meanwhile, I agree that keeping your iron clean and bright is good practice. Use the right amount of flux where necessary, and keep the iron at the right temperature. When removing components, always use solder braid, and be wary about jumping straight in with "solder suckers" - as they have been known to rip up circuit tracks with apparent ease! frown

There are lots of nice "how to solder" videos on YouTube, as well as others that offer good advice about not using lead-free (together with handy tips such as:- "don't lick the circuit board")! And lastly, always remove flux residue after soldering (that is, clean the board); isopropyl alcohol is good (but try to resist drinking it). And surely I don't need to remind a biomed audience to:- "wash your hands" (often).
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Vyaire/IMT Ventilator williamss 21/01/20 11:29 PM
Our hospital in Canada is evaluating the IMT ventilator ( bellavista 1000e), has anyone got experience with this company/ventilator.
Any experience good or bad would be most helpful.

The ventilator is manufactured in switzerland and sold in the USA through Vyaire and by a distributor in Canada. It is new in Canada and there are only a couple of hospitals who have bought these.


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Re: Bids for Althea, some interesting news... Geoff Hannis 21/01/20 7:26 PM

Head office in Rodano (near Milano) ... will you be putting in a bid, John. think

Apparently they have a nice scooter (Lambretta) museum there. smile

Meanwhile, I must admit that I haven't really kept up with who owns who (viz, TBS-GB, Asteral, MESA et al) ... but I wonder what their hourly rate (charge-base) for servicing and repairs is like?
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Re: Reducing waste sent with NEW equipment Geoff Hannis 20/01/20 4:54 PM

Be that as it may, "the manual wasn't available" was a ploy often proffered (particularly by surgeons) following a "blame the kit" incident. So a better Golden Rule (for in-house hospital biomeds, at least) could well be:- CYA. smile

Back in my contracting days, "client - or previous contractor - to hand over service manual plus x copies of user manuals for each type of equipment" was always a clause in our bid proposal. If not forthcoming (usually due to having been "lost" - *stolen, most likely - during the previous contractor's tenure) we used to obtain the required manual(s) and charge for same at our usual mark-up. At the end of our contract, we in turn had to hand over the manuals to the incoming contractor.

* "Back in the day" there used to be quite a "brisk trade" in service manuals (especially, ... but also to a lesser extent in spare parts), whereby they would be spirited away to certain countries by aspiring freelance biomed techs - guys planning to start up in the biomed game back home. "No names, no pack drill" as "they" say. But suffice to say that I was approached a few times - and admit to turning a blind eye as long as only photocopies were taken. Hopefully, the internet has largely put an end to all that (apart from the parts, that is). frown

Anyway, the "original" Golden Rule was:- "Do as be done by". But, unfortunately, for a while now it has become:- "Whoever has the gold, makes the rules"!
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Re: Dameca Siesta i service manual hartize 19/01/20 5:21 PM
can anyone send me the user manual and service manual of Dameca Siesta i Whispa please
my email: hartize@hotmail.fr
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