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Service Manuals & Schematics

Have you tried making a plea here? think
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Out of Hours

A lot of folk were reminded yesterday that you should never count on 100% up-time! smile

"Word on the street" is that the O2 outage was caused by an "expired software certificate at Ericsson". Yeah, right.

Having just spent a jolly twenty minutes catching up on line, I was encouraged to note the number of [censored] [censored] moaning on about claiming compo for their "lost/ruined/whatever" day. frown


I'm at home with the 'flu. What if I need to call a doctor?


OMG! I'll never use O2 again!

On a happier note ... there have been reports that people* were spotted actually talking to fellow travellers on buses and trains!

Has anyone on here been affected? think

* Probably Fake News; they were more likely visitors from another dimension.
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Service Manuals & Schematics

Thanks for your 20 cent's worth there, Jim. smile
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Service Manuals & Schematics
Too late for fluke, my new rigel kit landed today!
what are ecri charging these days? I never see prices mentioned anywhere, possibly due to the high cost!
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Free discussion
Much as I hate to admit it but, I agree with Geoff. eek

There is no reason that having only a RA, LA, LL lead should cause this issue. This lead combination still allows for both leads I and II to be monitored and those are the two leads used for respiration monitoring.
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Service Manuals & Schematics
I am looking for service manual of AEsculap Nelson Delux GN640
If anyone has this document, please send me a copy.


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Medical Equipment Management

Originally Posted by Albert Einstein

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

I fear you may have gone a step too far there, Neil. whistle

See also:- Occam's razor.
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Service Manuals & Schematics
Howdy all,
Can anyone provide me with service technical manual for Erbe erbokryo ae? I've gone through google with no success anywhere.
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Service Manuals & Schematics
Hi All,
Can anyone share service manuals for Trumpf Saturn Select 3 Operating table.
Please send to
With best regards
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Medical Equipment Management

Setting up a new biomed department takes a lot of time and effort ... especially if (as is the normal case) you are trying to provide a service (not to mention fixing kit) at the same time.

When it comes to building up a set (library) of PMP's, I have always found it best not to get too carried away (at least at first). "Do something simple, rather than do nothing complicated"!

If setting out from scratch, start off "on the nursery slopes" by following (what may - or rather, should - be) a simple "generic" PMP (see Angus). Then as you go around doing your actual PM work, for each type of equipment encountered you can add (develop) a more refined PMP if necessary.

But at this stage still keep things generic - a PMP for all ECG recorders, another for all suction pumps etc. Then, over time (PM cycles) you can develop more specific PMP's as found necessary in light of experience (not to mention repair records).

At first you need to decide upon reasonable PM intervals considering the type of kit in question (where it is used, how many there are, how critical it is - what we usually refer to as the "risk factor"); and estimate the time needed to carry out each PMP bearing in mind the need to balance the whole programme over time (eg, a year). But in the longer term you should also consider lengthening or shortening the interval between PM visits; but that is "another story". smile
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EBME Website
Register here for the 2019 EBME conference and Exhibition: https://www.ebme.co.uk/delegate-registration
This 10th EBME national conference is free of charge, but there is a limit to the number of conference places, so please register early. CPD certificates will be issued to registered and attending delegates.

There will be an Independent exhibition of over 70 companies showcasing the latest technologies and equipment that the medical industry has to offer. The conference will have six speakers each day, giving excellent, innovative and forward looking presentations.Each attending delegate will learn about where healthcare technology innovation is happening, the part they can play, and how others have used technology to improve patient care.

There will be technical workshops in break out areas and technical demonstrations from our exhibitors. There are numerous opportunities for informal networking and refreshments throughout the day, including lunch. All delegates have free entrance into the prize draw.

Download the brochure here:EBME EXPO Brochure
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Free discussion

Originally Posted by Burnden

... ideal for things he checks ...

Maybe that was because he can generate some nice outputs using Actimed. smile

See the DP-300 datasheet.

By the way, those modular (rack-mounting?) units look interesting.
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Technical Assistance
Thanks Geoff, you're a god-send.
Hope you are keeping well mate.
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Medical Equipment Management

I wonder if we will ever be blessed with the results of the survey? think
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