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Technical Assistance
38 minutes ago
If Wikipedia entries are used as IEV terms we are on a road to disaster!

In any case I think IEV terms must be defined in a standard to be included and no standard will ever define such a poorly defined term. The term micro-shock provides no useful point and has led to incorrect assumptions in the past. It is best deleted from history.
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Service Manuals & Schematics
4 hours ago
Hi Everybody

I search for Sealer Cisa RS-20 Service manual
any body can help ?


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Free discussion
Yesterday at 07:05 PM

I'm quite interested in this Alert.

Apparently, the CE mark for the devices listed has been "withdrawn".

Does anyone have access to one of these items? Have you had a close look inside one?

Is there a real (technical, quality etc.) problem ... or is the "issue" simply one of "bureaucracy"?

Does anyone have the (real) inside story, here? think

Meanwhile, there's some interesting spin in the press.

Is AFP Medical still a going concern (web links don't seem to work)?
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Free discussion
Yesterday at 03:07 PM

Me too (albeit not quite that many) - very few from "reps", though (I'm pleased to say).

Trouble is that, when "bulk deleting", sometimes the wheat gets deleted along with the chaff (baby with the bath water, whatever)! frown
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Professional Issues
21/02/18 11:51 PM
Email me and with what you have and space and will work from there Paul
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Technical Assistance
21/02/18 02:04 PM

Did you manage to find this software? I'm needing it too, but I also didn't found it. And I've searched it even in russian and hungarian sites...

Can you share the ABPM-04 service manual?

My best regards,

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Technical Assistance
20/02/18 05:17 PM

Thanks for that Ian. smile

My immediate reaction was (is):- Consulting Engineers!

In other words, in my experience "large" installations (major x-ray rooms, CT, MRI and so forth) usually benefit from the (early, and then continuing) involvement of Consulting Engineers; at least Electrical, and Structural ... and even (dare I whisper it) Architects.

They represent an additional call on the Budget, for sure; but just a small percentage of the total outlay involved. And ... they can be blamed if things don't pan out as initially hoped for! whistle
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19/02/18 02:23 PM
Please book early to avoid disappointment.
(We had to close the delegate registration early last year)
Look forward to seeing you all at the 2018 Seminar.
We again have a great range of topics and speakers. :-)
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18/02/18 07:49 PM

Yes, let's put those church buildings to good use! smile

I've never been a great fan of religion (any of them) myself - but in my own mind I'm able to replace (ignore) the dogma and hold in its place the "good" aspects of faith (even if I don't participate in any of it personally).

BTW, this issue (antennae) is being discussed again right now on LBC. 120 church towers are already used for this purpose, apparently. "Spreading the Word", you might say. whistle
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18/02/18 04:50 PM

Meanwhile, Windows CE has now come of age* ... here's a nice display of Psion-like "clamshells".

The "word on the street" is that the clamshell format may be making a come-back. Apparently the novelty of the tablet format has worn off somewhat of late.

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations about which one to go for? think

* 21 years old.

BTW, my "research" into Windows CE was prompted by a conversation I had today in my local Tesco supermarket, where they are introducing the "Scan As You Shop" handheld scanners for use by shoppers as they explore the aisles. These are Symbol (now Zebra, apparently) MC18 devices running Windows CE. Needless to say, I won't be using them myself (what's the point?); and - as I remarked to the Tesco guy - expect to see them being discarded in the river soon (just as the trolleys have been for years). I imagine they could, however, be useful in industrial or even hospital settings!
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18/02/18 04:33 PM
Think I need to do more posts - don't like the "Dreamer" status
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Medical Equipment Management
16/02/18 09:02 PM

Hey, don't go giving them any more ideas, Neil. whistle
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