Never thought Id see the day but I agree with Geoff grin ;)the standard, design and stability of a trolley is absolutely essential! Having run and operated an equipment library for up to 2 years, loading collecting and delivering equipment has to be done on a robust and safely designed piece of kit. Also of importance is its contribution to infection control, thus in part it cannot have perforated sides or a basket design ( baskets are a real pain with leads from machines n all !). We have some Bristol Maid trollies at present which have served us well, but when we moved to Baxters they became too small. We have reviewed our working practice anyway as we were carrying far too much around - we now want a trolley that will carry a reasonable amount of stock, and some collections and will not develop a lean or dodgy wheels as has happened before rolleyes I will look into all that has been suggested,but as Geoff has highlighted this may seem like a mundane issue but has ramifications for health and safety that if not followed can but an entire staff team off sick in a matter of days if faulty or poorly designed equipment is used intensively. tut