Well - the truck idea is fine but we would have to lift Baxter's out of it so that's no good as that would involve bending into and lifting out of ! The other one (jolly trolley) whilst very sturdy has no sides thus would worry me as we only need a jolt and the equipment would merrily bounce off the trolley. So we need one that has buckets on - plastic preferably for cleaning, that will fit at a minimum 4 Baxter Colleagues. Two tier would be ideal so that we can carry at least 4 Asena GH syringe pumps as well.We did see a medical records trolley that split into two trollies - but the buckets were perforated thus an infection risk. It needs good sturdy wheels and steering so that the operator is NOT twisting or shifting with the trolley weight, and most importantly the actual frame of the trolley needs to be light so as not to add to the overall load! Don't want much do I ? We do use a linen truck for our satellite trolley store - this is chained to a wall in a space next to A/E at night so that out of hours staff can access stock to replenish their equipment trolley at night to service wards. It is however way too big to use as a trolley to deliver and collect equipment during normal hours. Another consideration we would love is something power assisted - you see them for meals delivery - but I have havent yet found anything small enough that would service our needs ~sigh! All constructive criticism and helpful suggestions welcome !!