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1. Alternating-pressure bed mattress overlay system
Categories: 04 Electro mechanical medical devices , 11 Assistive products for persons with disability
Alternating-pressure bed mattress overlay system P An assembly of devices consisting of an alternating-pressure bed mattress overlay and a dedicated pump, which also functions as the control unit, designed to actively alternate a bed occupant's bed-contact points, typically to relieve pressure points for comfort and to prevent pressure sores. It is commonly used for elderly immobilized (especially in cases of decubitus ulcers), patients with disabilities, or patients with low body fat. See also: Alternating-pressure pump; Alternating-pressure chair cushion system; Alternating-pressure bed mattress overlay, single-use; Alternating-pressure bed mattress overlay, reusable


p.s. any new codes should be paid for by the manufacturers.

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