Thanks for that, Robert. smile

Much as I had suspected then. To be honest ... apart from what we used to call "keeping up with Joneses"*, I can't see any point in adopting anything new if it isn't an improvement over what we had before! frown

I thought (or rather, had hoped) that the whole idea was to take what was good from what has been done in the past by others, shake it all up, and devise a logical system based upon hierarchies that could be developed (grown), rather than changing the codes every other week. Or am I missing something of value here? think

I believe that a proper classification system should be so well conceived and robust that it could serve equipment of all types (including, for example, building fixtures and fittings, motor vehicles ... and everything else in between). For a classic example, see the FSN (the U.S. Federal cataloguing system).

If a system is limited to "medical" equipment only - where do you draw the line, even within a hospital?

* And that's not something that I find particularly appealing, I must admit.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.