Dear All
What a thread has started.

I did find the overlay code but it is an overlay and not a mattress it specifically says somewhere about putting on a conventional mattress. And the conventional mattress is just that. As for equipment replacement it is for planning purposes. If yuo want to know how many alternating pressure mattresses you have for example you just search on the GMDN code it your database tells you irrespecive of manufacturer model etc.

You say the manufacturer should pay, but remember the number is for an equipment type, so who is going to jump first then let all their competitors use it? If you are a subsciber once the number has been created you can use it.

Geoff as for the format used, it is infact very simple. The number is the next one in order when they decide on the device type. In other words absolutely no logic at all!!!!!!!! I was hoping for a structured system e.g. Patient diagnosis > Monitor > Multiparemeter monitor etc. etc. But no, there is no obvious logic at all. And the collective term codes (for those in the know) are not much help either as one device can come under several collective terms. So it is not very hierachical.

Why are we using it? Because it is now the "official" universal worldwide code and our group collective of trusts has decided to go for it.
The ECRI UNMDS numbers are a subset of GMDN.

My spelling is not bad. I am typing this on a Medigenic keyboard and I blame that for all my typos.