Hi Topper

That description pretty much sounds like my current band 6 role. My unit has a couple more beds and around 600 pieces of kit, ranging from flow meters to various levels of ventilation equipment.
I was promoted to that post after 'proving myself at that level' for almost 12 months prior to my actual promotion. 5 years I've been at my Trust, started as an Assistant (B4) then promoted to a Scientist (B5) and now a Specialist (while doing the Medical Technologies FdSc/BSc) I also cover our CCU networked monitors/ 50 odd Anaesthetic monitors/ and many other bits of kit used around the Trust (infusion pumps, syringe pumps etc.)
My issue with my role is that although I have the full responsibilities of a Band 6 engineer. AFC only recognizes my years service and therefore I'm at the bottom of the banding, where as all other Specialists are top (some wont even attend a ventilator 'issue' when attached to a patient)
In my department and Band 7 is a Team Leader position and part of the management team.