I have also had very good results with Jos Schaars' vDos. smile

For Windows machines I would recommend either vDos or vDosPlus (there are minor differences - and vDosPlus is currently still being regularly updated) against DOSBox as the latter is really aimed at running DOS-based games; whilst vDos (or vDosPlus) presents a nice traditional DOS display - and each allows old DOS programs to run on 64-bit Windows machines (although I have yet to try this myself).

On the other hand, I believe that DOSBox can provide DOS emulation on other (non-Windows) platforms, such as various flavours of Linux, Android and what-have-you (again, not yet tried by me).

By the way, the "TMD" link in the first post is no longer valid. However, I have done some more work on that old DOS-based system recently and, although still retaining the same "look and feel" (etc.) as before, it is now "much improved" (meaning:- fewer bugs).

TMD is also now much more "portable" - easy to run in a USB memory stick, on different (various) base machines, and what-have-you.

I'm not sure if I shall publish that old program widely again, but if anyone wants it (once it's ready), feel free to get in touch. smile