Hey ... what's going on? I'm wondering what it is you guys are moving (or thinking of moving) to?

Many years ago I had gone through a few "changes of plan" myself, and tried a couple of things along the way. To be honest a "change of scene" is probably a healthy (mind-broadening) thing to do.

However ... each time I eventually "came back". smile

To my mind it doesn't really matter what path you actually follow (in engineering), as long as you give it your best effort, be true to yourself, and such good stuff as that.

Speaking for myself, I had better make it clear that I haven't officially touched a piece of medical kit "in anger" for a number of years now. However I still spend a lot of time wading through murky waters of computer code to do with the tech support of medical equipment. As well as, of course, coming on here from time to time.

So I'm genuinely interested ... is the "grass greener" elsewhere? Or are you guys going through the "mid-life crisis" (and I've had a few myself)? Are you hoping to have a go at your "true vocation in life" (mine was being a motor-cycle mechanic)? Or are you just fed up with the NHS?

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.