I have been working in hospitals for 22 years and have seen many things that have shaped the person i am today. The respect for our profession is not there and the banding reflects this. One trust can pay one banding, another trust can better it for the same level of competence. If a senior god somewhere on a board thinks we are worth it then your ok, if not then its disheartening. I am currently certified by a manufacturer to service a model of anesthetic machine in our trust, yet my manager does not think this is worthy of a pay rise. If a nurse was to further qualify in a subject then their wage would go up as they became more competent and because of their level of responsibility, but for someone who "PAT tests and replaces fuses" then no. It is a worthwhile job and enjoyable, but when you're not treated as a professional it becomes tedious.

30 years since the Chernobyl disaster and yet we still have no super heroes or zombies.