Regulation of Health Care Staff in England and Wales

Regulation of health Care Staff is on the march and will affect or restrict many MTOs much more than many currently realise. confused

“This consultation document sets out proposals for extending regulation to those staff who have a direct impact on patients and have the potential to compromise public safety if their work or behaviour falls short of acceptable standards.”

That's many of US eek Under 58? smilewink Time to get registered!! It will get harder mad


“Aspirant healthcare professions
24. Significant progress has been made towards extending statutory regulation to more professions who
aspire to regulation. The current position is set out below.
• Operating Department Practitioners and Applied Psychologists. Both professions applied
for regulation by the Health Professions Council in 2003;
• Healthcare Scientists who have professional qualifications including Clinical Perfusionists
and Clinical Physiologists. These groups may begin to be ready for regulation by 2005 – if standards of training and practice have been sufficiently well developed by then;
• Psychotherapists and other practitioners of “Talking Therapies”. The Department of Health is continuing talks with the organisations concerned to try to agree a way forward for regulating these groups, but has accepted the need for regulation.
25. Subject to final decisions to be taken in the light of this consultation, statutory regulation could be put in place for assistants and support staff by 2007 though it would take some time after that for all those staff groups agreed to achieve registration. A provisional timetable is: • Consultation on proposals March to July 2004;
• Analysis and final decisions August 2004;
• Develop preparatory infrastructure necessary for statutory regulation:
• standardised training or induction requirements as basis for registration, based on national occupational standards projects due to complete in 2004/5
• accreditation and roll out of training if needed
• identification and initial voluntary registration
• code of conduct, performance and ethics – all complete by end 2005;
• Draft legislation, publish and consult from early 2006;
• Pass legislation by late 2006;
• Register and full regulatory system open by early 2007 (for a specified period until proposed
staff groups achieve registration).
26. The Government is committed to increasing public protection and improving quality in health care
settings. This document seeks views on the way in which regulation should apply to health care support
staff. In particular your views on these proposals and the specific questions raised in the text, and
summarised at Annex A, are sought by 2nd July 2004.”