I have also wondered, Robert. To be honest I have come across similar "handles" on eBay. But I thought we had better let the guy tell us when he is good and ready.

However, we could also take the view (could we not?):- does it matter where someone is, or where a charity is based? Surely what actually matters is the opportunity to do a bit of good, in this otherwise lousy, greedy, screwed-up world? My only caution (having been "caught out" before) is whether we are actually talking about a genuine "helping our brothers and sisters" situation ... or are we simply helping someone line their pockets? think

And the supplementary answer is:- once a case is proven to be genuine (and we wait with baited breath), resources can be made available (but why do you ask ... are you volunteering your own services?). smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.