If it took you that long to strip the rifle, you would have been RTU'd within the hour!

(are you speaking from experience, I wonder?)

All that you say is true ... but that doesn't make it right!

In my (long) experience of walking, talking ... and er, working, I have found that what a person likes to believe they are "worth", and what use they actually are, are often quite a distance apart.

If you (or anyone else) really wants to establish your true value to the world (not to mention mankind in general), then have what it takes to step outside the cozy little world of the NHS, and test (prove) yourself in the Dark Side! There's no salary, pay banding, pay rises, tax-payers' handouts, sick leave, free courses ... etc., etc. for me, Mate.

And never mind "walking the walk" ... can you still hack the run? smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.