2)When there is time to get the database running i could tell you (currently paper based system)
3)A bit less than a third
4)Very little (good relations at the moment)

On operational policy:-
1)yes Library staff deliver and collect
2)fortunately this is not currently a problem
3)No limit, but each item is lent out specifically for one patent then put out for return
4)No typically these are short term loans
5)The key is held at a staff base, nursing staff have been advised to send an experiance member of staff so that they get what they need first time, however a Guidance folder has been supplied to each Ward/Department with photos of every item held.

Staff are requested to ring and leave a message giving the area, equipment type and patient RLQ (patient identification number)
before taking an item, under each item is a T card which should be put under the relevant section in a T card board when removing the item.

Having invented the simplest system we can, most staff have been supportive but you always get one (or two).


Don't forget "we've never had it so good".