Our equipment library has just gone through a refit and is staffed by two, very busy, people. It is currently managed by the Tissue viability nurse(which links to a previous message from someone about managing pressure relieving devices). I have passed this 'thread' onto the staff for their information - it's nice to get support from other Trusts in this fashion, through this forum.

) Hospital size >800 beds over 3 sites
2) Library Staff 2
3) Library staff often have to collect alot of equipment daily(eg syringe drivers/infusion pumps) to ensure its return
4) Clean and disinfect - no seperate area for this in library, ward staff are required to clean before return...

The Library is definately an essential requirement for this Trust, although it is faced with issues such as insufficient items to loan, (we are currently undergoing a pumps need analysis to assess this)