Because this is Britain, where everything is done on the cheap.

The other reason is that dreaded word:- architects. In general they know sod-all about hospitals, and how they work.

People such as yourself, myself, and Neil would make a better fist of designing healthcare facilities. I know that for sure, having done so myself on a number of occasions (but not in the UK, of course - tut, tut, that would never do) ... and that was whilst fending off architects, "engineers" (and yes, physicians, surgeons and over-bearing "theatre sisters") all at the same time. They all had (and have) vested interests (naturally), but somebody - preferably someone with half a brain - has to pull it all together, and drive the thing to successful fruition. frown

Much as I support and admire the guiding principles of our National Health Service, let's not kid ourselves when it comes to talk of it being "the envy of the world", and all that clap-trap. As we all know only too well (apart from a few "centres of excellence", perhaps) the reality is something else entirely. That's why we need to keep on fighting!

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.