Interesting. Any other data? Things like:-

1) The average amount of kit "out" at any time (90%+?)
2) The average stay on the wards (a couple of days, a week or more?)
3) How much kit gets taken out after hours?
4) How much of the kit is "missing"?

... and stuff like that.

And, on operational policy:-

1) Do your staff collect, and deliver (or do the ward staff collect and return)?
2) Do they "patrol" the wards looking for "over stayers" (kit, that is) ... and "missing" items?
3) Do you have a maximum stay limit for each item (or can wards hang on to kit indefinitely, without being challenged)?
4) Are borrowers required to give an estimate how long they are taking the kit for (to enable Library staff to plan ahead)?
5) How does the out-of-hours service work? Who is permitted access (to the Library)? Is the system ever abused?

... and stuff like that! smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.