VRCT Website Homepage 12 December 2012

What is happening to the Register
The VRCT panel are aware that at times it seems like there is no progress being made in having a more formal recognition of the register. The panel would like to assure Members that a number of discussions are ongoing but because of the complexities and the nature of these discussions their is a need for confidentiality. However, it is hoped to update members following the next VRCT panel meeting on December 5th

Improved services to VRCT registrants
Changes to the IPEM website and more importantly the back office management system has brought improved services to IPEM members
IPEM have been able to make some of these services available to members of the VRCT even if they are not IPEM members
One of the things that VRCT members have been wanting for some time is payment by Direct Debit and Credit Card. These features will be available in the future. Details of these enhancements and more will be available after the next Management Panel meeting on December 5th

I would be interested in the results of the Management Panel meeting on 5th December concerning the above, being posted online at the earliest opportunity.
Can someone please advise?