(I submitted this a couple of weeks back but site was problematic. I can't find my submission but apologies if duplicated)
Hi folks
Would like to get the consensus as to what banding a Neonatal Unit Clinical Technologist is / should be.
Specifically a dedicated Named Technician seconded full time to a Level 3 NNU with 14 NICU & HDU cots, 14 SCBU cots and as of recently a 14 Adult bed Transitional Care Ward.
No contracts exist, all maintenance is in-house with approx. 50 medium / high risk device servicing / PPMs scheduled per month. A 1 in 4 On Call service is provided covering primarily NNU, Children's Ward, Delivery Theatres and Maternity departments as required.
The NNU Tech is part of a 4 man team consisting also of 1x Women & Children's Tech and 2 x Theatres Techs, one of which is the "Section Head".
Any info, examples or opinions appreciated.