Hi Paul
Your situation puts things into perspective, that being the grass isnt greener and does make me feel a little less frustrated however you have climbed a ladder to get where you are wheras i have been the same band / Grade since the day i entered what was a new industry to me 14 years ago this December.
Obviously my experience and skills have grown over that time especially within the first 3 years, and i have taken on responsibilities beyond my role at many times. I also consider myself an exceptional Technician who has his "house in order" after inheriting a mess, and i can determine via KPI's i am one of the more productive Technicians in some cases 5 fold!.
Geoff: Yes i was a RAF Eng Tech Avionics (13 years).
Regarding the boxes i dont tick, if there are any, they would certainly be nothing to do with merit, skill or responsibility.

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