I am going to be the Trust's Environmental and Information Manager (for the Estates side), so energy, sustainability and the various data gathering processes that the NHS is required to do.

I've been a Medical Engineer for most of the last 27 years (couple of years seconded to what was described as a project manager role but was more Facilities Management).

I must admit I have become increasingly frustrated with the increase in equipment numbers and hoops we need to jump through; with no corresponding increase in man power or budget. And although I've made many friends and being told that I am the best thing since sliced bread (especially now); it is still the same old UK, engineers are great when you need one but are still looked down upon as spanner men (or ladies).

As for midlife crisis been there done that; yes OK I’ve got some grey in my beard, I ‘ve got a convertible and I am going snowboarding in the new year but that doesn’t make me a bad person.


Don't forget "we've never had it so good".