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I would like to invite 20 sites to collaborate with me and my team to take the e-RRAM EMS which is built on the Continuum Cloud ERP framework to the next level.

The idea is for collaborative sites to each load 200 devices onto the EMS for full HTM management for their respective sites.

the e-RRAM EMS is hugely powerful with a wealth of features and it is ISO13485 compliant and accredited.

The following functionalities are already embedded with quite intuitive programming architecture. These are just some of the features and is by no means comprehensive. (Unfortunately its not open source)

1. Full EAM with accessibility definable features on the asset dashboards inclusive of financial planning and forecasting features. It also has a traceability dashboard for historical work orders, certificates of service as well as migration history.
2. Full call / ticketing functionality linked to both EAM and CMMS
3. Full CMMS module with PPM scheduling, prioritisation, review and adverse incident management. It also has pre-configured checklists for both SSOW and QA checks for ISO compliance that can be assigned to work orders "on the fly"
4. Contracts and procurement management App with integrated skill-set management.
5. Resource and Media repository App (linkable to EAM loaded assets and users)
6. Process management app (allowing processes and media to be added to intervention task lists for infield maintenance ease of use)
7. Powerful KPI / Reporting app that automates all reports and performance indicators for export to excel, pdf or word etc.
8. Projects management app that. can be linked with child work orders to multiple organisations with timeline management including deadline control.
9. Staff management app with integrated certification and expirations management including clock facility
10. Geographical Management App for management of multiple sites (with user. accessibility control)
11. Warehousing app for inventory management (with expirations. control for AED patient electrodes, pathology calibrators etc.). This is linked to the CMMS for automated stock assignment to work orders and a must for stock management)

Basically it is a full HTM system with a wealth of pre-configured measures that can enable any site to immediately start running an ISO and harmonised standards compliant workflow process for their facilities.

The objective of this collaboration is to finalise a few things and to work together with more intellectuals to find better and more dynamic workflows within the system and I'll list them below:

1. Overall improvement of the current KPI / Reporting dashboards to assimilate hospital needs vs external provider needs.
2. Improvement of the GUI and aligning the CSS towards a more modern outlook. It is currently web IV compliant but we would like to embark on a shift towards web V look and feel.
3. Addition of pre-configured intervention task lists for asset designations that does not currently have these. (about 90% of designations noted by the GMDN for capital medical equipment currently have pre-configure maintenance task lists which enables any new user to start maintaining equipment with certification print-out of all checks and calibration procedures completed on all work orders)
4. Creation of Configuration templates for various types of institutions to further streamline and improve current options to enable sites to get off the mark quicker in the use of the app in the future. This includdes the finalisation of a new user "set-up" wizard for plug-and-play functionality.

If there is enough interest on this then I will set up a system "walkthrough" webinar for those who want to join.

Many thanks


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