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Discover RFID tracking for healthcare

Active RFID TagUsed in a growing number of hospitals for over 8 years, RFID Discovery is the number one choice for active and passive Radio Frequency Identification systems (RFID) in the healthcare sector.

The RFiD Discovery Asset tracking system is the ideal tool to track a large inventory of mobile medical devices in a busy hospital environment and is already helping dozens of NHS Trusts to minimise time spent looking for equipment, improve utilisation levels and reduce the requirement to purchase new devices.  

As a systems integrator and GS1 UK industry partner we use our expertise to offer different hardware and software technologies to create reliable solutions that deliver tangible results.

RFID Discovery systems range from Asset Tracking for mobile medical devices to Theatre Inventory Management, Baby Tagging through to Wandering Patient Safety, Staff Safety and automated Temperature Monitoring Systems. Our solutions help healthcare providers increase their efficiency, cut costs, ensure compliance and improve patient safety.

Visit www.rfiddiscovery.com for more information.


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