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Simplification, Risk Identification and Prevention

Today’s healthcare environment is facing unprecedented challenges as a result of an ageing population, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, rising health care costs and a shortage of skilled healthcare workers. These challenges are redefining where and how care is provided.

OBS Medical is the global leader in the development of predictive algorithms for identifying critical instabilities in acute settings and emerging alternative treatment locations. We believe that, with the right technology and processes designed for both traditional and emerging locations, potential adverse events can be predicted and prevented.  

Visensia analyses and interprets the combined patterns of up to five vital signs collected from existing bedside monitors and ambulatory devices or manually during routine observations to generate a single early-warning index; The Safety Index™.

Visensia Data Fusion Image
Visensia – The Safety Index provides healthcare organizations with a simple, unambiguous call to action, to reference and respond to patient deterioration, helping to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety through; Simplification, Risk Identification and Prevention.

To find out more about Visensia please contact Brett Nicolle on +44 (0) 1235 432 050


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