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Young Calibration Ltd
Leading ISO/IEC 17025 Flow Calibration Laboratory

The calibration laboratory provides ISO/IEC 17025 calibration services to EBME departments, medical equipment suppliers, research laboratories and NHS trusts for the calibration of reference and master meter instruments.

The laboratory specialises in gas and fluid flow calibration, air velocity calibration, pressure and electrical calibration.

Infusion Pump Analyser Flow Calibration – UKAS accredited fluid flow calibration to ISO/IEC 17025, offering independent accredited flow calibration for a range of infusion pump testers, such as Fluke Biomedical IDA, Datrend Infutest 2000, Solo, Rigel Multi-Flo, BC Biomedical, Bronkhorst, Seculife IF, FlowTrax, Metron IDS & lagu, Netech IPA and Sensirion instruments. Measurement uncertainty can be achieved down to 0.1% of reading. Occlusion pressure calibration can also be completed under the accredited schedule. Requirements to ISO/IEC 15189 are also met for the calibration of these devices.

Anemometer Air Velocity Calibration
– UKAS air velocity calibration can be undertaken for all types of anemometer devices, whether the sensor is of pitot, thermal or rotating vane types of the device. Ultra-low air velocity down to 0.05 m/s can be attained covering all the requirements for fume hood and laminar flow cabinets, and up to a maximum air velocity of 80 m/s.

Ventilator Testers & Air Flow Calibration
– being one of the leading UK flow laboratories, the UKAS accredited Laboratory (Lab 0604) covers air flows from 1 cc/min to 1200 litres/second. All types of ventilator testers, flow meters, leak testers and BS flow probes can be UKAS calibrated covering the instrument calibration requirements of both ISO/IEC 15189 and 17025.

Further to the accredited range of services the laboratory also offers an extended range of traceable calibration services for gas flowmeters, hypothermia machines, dialysis meters, spirometers, syringes, pipettes, parameter testers, NIBP, regulators, balances and scales.


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