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Category: 2017 Seminar
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Created: 03-05-2017
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Richard Cardow

Created: 03-05-2017
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David Mulvey

Created: 03-05-2017
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Dr Scott Brown

Created: 04-10-2017
Downloads: 400
Size: 633.9 KB

With the goal of imparting best practice for healthcare technology management (HTM) and raising awareness of how improved management of healthcare technology can lead to improved NHS productivity and lower healthcare costs, this year’s EBME seminar had a lot to live up to.
Expectations were met with a number of interesting presentations and a lively debate entitled ‘Should EBME technicians get manufacturers’ training as well as generic training?’

Alec Peachey of the Clinical Services Journal reports.

Created: 03-05-2017
Downloads: 295
Size: 543.97 KB

John Amoore

Created: 03-05-2017
Downloads: 452
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Justin McCarthy

Created: 03-05-2017
Downloads: 330
Size: 1.85 MB

Paul Blackett

Created: 03-05-2017
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Size: 1.77 MB

Richard Scott

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