What about the dress codes within the Biomed/EBME (…whatever) departments? It is normal practice (for some perverse reason, no doubt) for the head honcho to wear a tie. But “what about the workers”?

Should we be taking a lead from the young doctors I have seen? The young men wearing “scruff order” and the young ladies wearing what can be called, I suppose, “casual clothing” (you know they’re doctors by the stethoscope dangling from their necks, of course).

What do we like to wear these days, guys? I have seen techs wearing ties. I have seen techs wearing polo shirts with a nice logo or department name on the breast. Overalls, dust coats, white coats. I have seen T-shirts and jeans (…plus a mixture of all of the above and more). I haven't seen track-suits yet, though. There has been a lot of talk about “projecting a professional image”, so what about appearance? Does it matter at all these days? (…haircuts, beards?). smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.