Imagine you are a patient lying in bed not knowing wheat is going on a a bloke comes to fiddle with the equipment that is looking after you. I think that a clean tidy professional image would do a lot to reassure the patient. Shirt and tie if you want but not a logo emblazened t-shirt and ripped jeans. Many clothes can be smart if you try it is just a matter of confidence and attitude.
We have different uniforms for different technician groups who are patient based, our renal and ventillator technicians are in marroon.
Tough now there are so many slight variations on a uniform that I think visitors and patients need an identification chart. We have three shades of blue with three different coloured piping on them. I do not know what everyone does.
It is not the actual clothes that count but that way they are worn.

My spelling is not bad. I am typing this on a Medigenic keyboard and I blame that for all my typos.