Oh yes, we always enjoyed looking so smart in our green coveralls* (with boots, beret, itchy shirts ... and polished black '37 Pattern webbing belts - and those [censored] "anklets").

Uniforms are OK ... just as long as they are practical, and suitable for the job(s) at hand.

As mentioned before, I like the "designer polo shirt" approach; preferably with an open breast pocket (and logo if required). Practical, and smart enough for our line of work. I also like dark "cargo" trousers (that is, with lots of pockets).

Short sleeves ... no ties!

Meanwhile, John ... how's your "lock-down barnet" looking?

* At least these didn't have the company name and (or) logo emblazoned across the back - no doubt many who have worked in the Middle East will remember seeing (and perhaps, wearing) those.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.