Actually, Richard, that's more or less what the guy suggested:- "Turn up in your suit and tie, then get changed to do the work" (followed by the reverse process later on). In fact, it's all the driving around that I'd rather avoid, if truth be told.

But "trivial reason"? No, more like a matter or principle as far as I'm concerned. And yes, I do like the relative freedom of contract work, as you put it. In fact I quite "enjoy" the exposure I get to the various machinations of the hospital biomed sheds I encounter. Plus the opportunities it provides for me to "spread the word" (... according to Geoff Hannis, that is)!

Regarding your last point, I like to think of myself (as you do, I believe) as a hands-on kind of guy, and feel that I'm making the best contribution I can by simply working on the kit! smile

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