Scrubs are OK (if you can get a size that fits), and are able to bung them into the hospital laundry every couple of days. But they look out of place in some departments (OPD, for example), so you are back to wearing a (blue) lab coat to cover them in those locations (the canteen is another one that immediately comes to mind)! Also, what footwear "go" with scrubs? Not sandals (flip-flops?), I hope! smile

Yes, Huw. Portakabins (with steps, naturally), plastic sheets to cover equipment (from the elements), duck-boards! A half-mile walk outside on the pavement (footpath, sidewalk) to the Dialysis Unit. Having to cross a (so-called minor) road to get from one half of the hospital to the other (with kit in tow). I have personally seen all of this ... and that's only this year!

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.