I've been watching this thread with interest, especially as when I was working as an Agency Tech I was often being pressed to wear long-sleeved shirt and a tie. When I was much younger, and perhaps more compliant, I used to grudgingly go along with the status quo (mainly on the grounds that "they" were the client, and it was what they wanted). They used to insist on grounds that it looked more "professional", by the way.

Although I rarely do agency work these days (letís just say that Iíve become a bit more choosey about what Iím prepared to do), when I have taken on such tasks during the last few years Iíve resisted any notion of conforming to the shirt and tie code. In fact, I donít even own a tie these days.

Lately Iíve made it a condition. If I canít wear my usual black multi-pocketed trousers, together with short-sleeved polo shirt (or similar, if they have their own in-house version), both of which I regard as practical and appropriate, then Iím not coming! "Professional" or not, I find that if they really want you (ie, they want the work done), the rules get waived.

It would take £ 40 k a year for me to put on a suit and tie nowadays. And I can see that being on offer any time soon! smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.